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Monday, July 28, 2008

» Busty Dominno Nude

By at 6:14 AM

What You See Is What You Fuck. What You See Is What You Fuck.

Let's face it...there are girls you date, girls you marry and girls you fuck. Dominno is one of those girls you much as you can. She's one of those beautiful babes that you hook up with for a booty call at any location of your choice. She wants no committment, no relationship, no sharing of common interests. She just wants to suck and fuck you, slobber all over your dick, then take a shower and split. Dominno's tats and piercings, and the way she looks at you, the light in her eyes, spell "nympho" in big neon letters. When you first saw Dominno's debut game room video and pictorial, you knew she was a cock worshipper. In this Hardcore Special starring Dominno, you are The Man, so let Dominno ride the rod and enjoy the booty call. Opinions differ but Czech chicks seem to live on the wild side more than any other nationality. See the 30 minute Dominno video in SCORE Theater and let her get you off. When Dommino wants a load of cum on her tits, she gets it.

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What You See Is What You Fuck.
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Friday, July 25, 2008

» Crystal Gunns Nude

By at 5:26 PM

The Girls Look Good

Crystal Gunns looked real good this time. Face, tan, tan-lines, a bit of oil, I think, costume, hairstyle and poses; it all came together real well. Powerhouse sexiness! I love The Gunns Show and her candid photos. She really deserves to be Model of the Year. And so does Christy Marks, smashingly hot in a very well made photo set. I love Delotta Brown. She is one of the "Supreme Women." She has super-fine breasts. Daylene Rio looks smoldering, glamorous and MILF hot all at the same time. And that superb skin tone! More Daylene hardcore please! Africa looks good as always, but the angles in many of the new XXX photos were slightly off, never giving a real look at her face. I also greatly enjoy the magnificent Merilyn, and Denise Derringer and Kylee Nash were both really hot. All are welcome back.-Sincerely, Stefan, Sweden.

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The Girls Look Good
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» Atlantis Nude

By at 5:25 PM

Ready-Made Hard-On Ready-Made Hard-On

For starters, Atlantis, a 30-year-old secretary from Atlanta, Georgia, is fucking and sucking! Yay, Atlantis! She's 5'6”, 122 pounds, and she likes to fuck (her words, not ours), "anything that has a dick attached. A hard dick, of course.” Of course. "I don't like having to suck a guy's dick to make it hard. I want it to be that way when I unzip his pants.” Ready-made hard-on. That's what Atlantis is all about. Oh, by the way, her name. "My parents were into Greek mythology, or some shit like that. I never read up on it.” Of course not. She was too busy fucking.

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Ready-Made Hard-On
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» Christina Nude

By at 5:24 PM

Cum With Permission Cum With Permission

When Christina comes home early one day, she catches her man sprawled out on the couch watching foot-job porn and checking out dirty magazines. He tries to hide his erect penis and act ashamed, but that does nothing to quell her fury. How dare he waste her tribute? How dare he spill one drop of his seed without her permission? Obviously he needs to be taught a lesson, but what's a busy career woman to do? Punish that dirty man and mash his cock with her nylon-covered feet, of course. Not to fear, Christina knows how to milk a cock, too, and she forgives this little pervert by letting him tear the feet out of her hose and stroke his cock. She lets him cum on the back of her hose-covered thighs, too.

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Cum With Permission
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» Emy Diaz Nude

By at 5:23 PM

Dirty Mind Dirty Mind

"Whenever I masturbate I like to think about past sexual experiences I've had. It turns me on more than fantasizing. This time, while I was stuffing my pussy I thought about the time I fucked this guy in a car wash. I don't know what I was thinking. I must've been so horny 'cause there was a line behind us! We'd already been feeling up on each other while driving around, so when we got to the car wash I was ready to go. We pulled in and when those big buffers started hitting the car I got on top of him in the driver's seat and rode him. We were still going at it when the wash was done, but we didn't notice until the cars in line started honking!"

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Dirty Mind
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Thursday, July 24, 2008

» Rachel Nude

By at 3:40 PM

Banking On Boobs Banking On Boobs

Caribbean island girl who was born in Jamaica and lives in London. She works in a bank as a teller. Not a very exciting job so she decided to perk her life up by nude modeling. "I enjoy my job but what can I say? It's a job and like most girls in my situation, I live for the weekend. My girls and I go out clubbing, Friday and Saturday. Sometimes we get lucky. I attract all the guys who like a girl with some meat on her bones and big tits. I have the biggest tits of all my mates. But I'm picky and it takes more than a few drinks to get me into bed. Once a friend asked me, 'Rach, have you ever considered getting a reduction?' I must have looked at her with a horrified expression because she started apologizing. No, I'd never do that to my boobs...they're my babies and the lads love them! Girls pay doctors big money to buy new tits...why would I want to get rid of them?"

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Banking On Boobs
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» Jayla Starr Nude

By at 3:39 PM

Nice To Meet You Nice To Meet You

In our first look at Jayla, a 19-year-old student from Jacksonville, Florida, she fucks and sucks for the cameras. Nice introduction, honey. "I know I'm gonna be walking around waiting for some guy to come up to me and say, ‘Are you the girl I saw in Naughty Neighbors?'” she said. "That would be so cool. I mean, I love having guys check me out in the mall and stuff when I'm out with my friends or my boyfriend, but to know that some stranger guy, who's talking to me, has seen my spread pussy and probably jacked off over my photos, would be so awesome!” In other words, guys, she'd be pleased and honored to meet you. But make sure you tell her, "I shot my wad all over your pictures.” She'd like that.

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Nice To Meet You
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» Cassie Sweets Nude

By at 3:39 PM

Pounding In The Park Pounding In The Park

Cassie, we noticed that you have a pierced tongue. Is that 'cause you like to suck dick?
"You know it. I love the taste of cock. And from what the guys tell me, they love the feeling of my little tongue stud sliding up and down their prick. I mean, my blowjob skills were good before, but now it's crazy. I can make a guy fall in love with me by the way I suck him off. It can be nice and slow or fast and hard. And I always give special attention to that sensitive spot right under the head. I really enjoy sucking and licking balls, too."

So you can suck dick. What about fucking?
"I think I'm good at that, too, but I could always use more experience. I learn something new from every guy I bang. Like last night, I fucked this guy who showed me how to take a real deep dicking. He told me to hold my breath and squeeze my pussy walls every time he thrust in. Ohmigod! It felt so good I thought I was hallucinating. I could've sworn I had three orgasms at once!"

Do you like doing anal?
"That's another thing I need to experience. I've stuck toys in my ass but not the real thing, yet. But I'm ready to try it! Nothing makes me bite my lip and curl my toes like when I'm stuffing my ass."

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Pounding In The Park
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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

» Christy Marks Nude

By at 1:43 PM

Covergirl Power Covergirl Power

Voted SCORE Newcomer of the Year, Christy Marks enjoys her second cover of V-Mag. She's sure to pull in strong numbers in 2008's Model of the Year contests. Christy makes every tit-man freeze in his tracks. What can we say? We're eternal suckers for a pair of huge hooters and a pretty face. "Christy is the find of the year and really represents SCORE well. She looks sweet, sexy, beautiful and smart," observes Michael while Bob says "She's a young girl with a nice body and fabulous, natural H-cup big boobs. She is very beautiful. A star is born." Judging by the commentaries, many of you enjoy the fantasy themes and were especially taken by Christy's "Wedding Night" pictorial in June '08. Like SCORE veteran Jack who wrote: "Christy Marks in her sheer, white bridal outfit set the scene for a fantasy wedding night. Her lovely smile, angelic setting and natural poses had me stammering, 'I wish, I do; I wish, I do.'" Stefan of Sweden agreed: "Christy Marks was smashingly hot in a very well-made photo set." In these photos, Christy's swanky clothing fits her like a glove...except there's no way she's going outside with that top. The amount of cleavage--top, middle and bottom--her top exposes would require a squad of bodyguards to protect her. She makes a tit-man proud to be a tit-man.

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Covergirl Power
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» Angela White Nude

By at 1:43 PM

Angela White Voluptuous Winner Angela White Voluptuous Winner

Angela White was voted V-Mag Model of the Year. This event was announced in June '08 V-Mag and on the SCOREtv show with a taped announcement from Australia, Angela's country. "When I first got the news from editor Gary Phillips, I was literally in shock," Angela said. "Since I live so far away, Gary sent me an email and I sat at my computer for about 10 minutes with tears rolling down my face, completely speechless. Tears of joy, mind you. It really is a dream come true. I admire all the other women so much that I never thought I really had an honest chance at winning it myself. I'm so grateful to all the fans who voted for me. I'm flattered. I just like being naked and just being natural and having everybody watch me. I like touching myself and other women, so doing solo and girl-girl photos and videos has been a perfectly natural thing for me."

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Angela White Voluptuous Winner
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» Femke Nude

By at 1:42 PM

Femke Femke

"My boyfriend visits London every couple of weeks, and he brings back American sex magazines for us to enjoy," Femke said. "We like Naughty Neighbors the most, so it was right that I should send my photos to you. I like all sorts of sex, with girls as well as with my boyfriend. Sometimes we have another girl in our bed; that always means so many orgasms. We would like to have Katy Terrega in bed with us. We think that she would be able to teach us so many new things about fucking and having great orgasms."

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» Delotta Brown Nude

By at 1:41 PM

Delotta Brown Delotta Brown

Would you rather a man pay attention to your ass or your tits? "Most men pay more attention to my tits, and I understand that. Most of them have never been with H-cup titties before. I guess that's why I get into it so much when a man pays more attention to my booty. It doesn't happen too often. Most of my fantasies involve my ass, like having oil running down it and getting fucked in the ass. But anything you can do with titties, I've done.”

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Delotta Brown
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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

» Kitty Lee Nude Milf

By at 5:34 AM

Hello Kitty Hello Kitty

"I have big pussy lips, I know," Kitty Lee says. "Some guys are fascinated by them, almost as much as the guys who like playing with my tits for hours. There have been a few who said my pussy lips are kind of weird, but mainly I meet guys who like them. They're usually the guys who are really into sex, like guys who want sex a few times a day, every day. It feels great when a guy, or a girl, is eating my pussy and sucks on the lips and kind of nibbles on them, chews on them very gently. That does feel great. Then if they put a finger or two inside my pussy and massage my G-spot at the same time, look out. I'm on the express train to an orgasm!"

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Hello Kitty
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» Georgie Girl Nude

By at 5:33 AM

Georgie Girl Georgie Girl

Georgie is 5'6", 145 pounds and measures 38-26-38. A college co-ed, she contacted one of our photographers. It was a good day when he met her. More college students should follow Georgie's example. "I go to college but I don't have any definite career goals just yet when I graduate. I'm a pretty fun-loving person. I don't really like going out to bars on weekends. I don't think that's a healthy lifestyle. I'd rather bike or go to the park on weekends. I'm also not into this whole MySpace and FaceBook thing." Georgie isn't sure how far she wants to take modeling. So far, it's a casual fling and she has no interest in becoming a full-time professional. Anyway she'd have to move for that. The city Georgie lives in is not a mecca for models.

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Georgie Girl
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» Cristiana Nude

By at 5:33 AM

Cristiana Cristiana

"In our flat, I have this corner in front of the mirror where I dance to '80s music for a half-hour every day," said Cristiana. "It's a super way to keep fit, and if my bloke complains about the noise, I just ask him if he wants me to be fit for shagging. That always shuts him up because he reckons I'm the most nimble girl he's ever shagged. I always wear him out when we go at it. I like to try all sorts of positions all over the flat, and some of them are really tiring, I realize. But he always gets his fill of my twat and my bum."

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» May Milf Nude

By at 5:32 AM

Proud To Be A Slut Proud To Be A Slut

If you're looking at these pictures of May, a 47-year-old divorce from Bournemouth, England, and wondering, "What kind of slut dresses this way?" she has an answer for you. A very straight-to-the-point answer. "What kind of slut dresses this way?" she asked. "A slut who was never a slut before. A slut who spent 20 years in a sexless marriage--the last 12 years of it, at least--and now is finally having some fun. A slut who discovered much too late that her hubby would rather wank than fuck. A slut who's finally finding out how to have some fun," she explained. "And, by the way, what makes you think I'm a slut?" May laughed when she said that. She's been laughing a lot these days, ever since about a year ago, when her marriage of 20 years came to an end. She estimates that on the day she walked out on her husband, she hadn't fucked or sucked cock in nearly 14 months. "We didn't even do the obligatory birthday fuck anymore," she said. She's happy to report that in the last 12 months, she's fucked more than she had in the previous 20 combined. And that's why May is a happy, laughing...slut?

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Proud To Be A Slut
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Friday, July 18, 2008

» Lily Valentine Nude

By at 2:27 PM

Buxom Bewitcher Buxom Bewitcher

"I like to be dominated and controlled," Lily confesses. She's the treasure of Montreal, a girl who's bewitched many dudes. As you know, she mainly speaks French. "I enjoy a lot of penetration, hard, fast, deep.... You can see this in my videos I made for SCORE, the only time I had sex in videos. You can see this in my face. I may seem like I want to stop but I don't. So I need a man who can read me well and knows how to handle me. If a man stops because he thinks I don't like his fucking, he is making a mistake. I like sex two or three times a day. I am assertive in bed so I need a man that is stronger than me. Who will tell me what to do, hold my head to his cock, tell me to suck his balls hard, spank my ass hard when I am on top or he is behind me. I want to keep having sex in public places...bars, in a park, in a shopping center...because the thought of maybe being seen and maybe interrupted makes me more excited than normal. I am more passionate when I'm being watched. I don't know why that is. I love to see a man ejaculate all over me. It makes me proud that I can do that, make him release his seed after he penetrates me very fast...."

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Buxom Bewitcher
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» Tonya Evans Nude

By at 2:26 PM

Sultry Temptress Sultry Temptress

"When I decided to pose for NN, my man said I should pose in his kitchen because he's never seen me in there other than to get something from the refrigerator," said Tonya. "I don't cook and I don't drink coffe, and it's his house so I leave him to do the dishes if we eat there. I didn't plan in advance to use the milk. I was drinking it 'cause I was thirsty and I just did it. My man went crazy wild!"

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Sultry Temptress
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» Keeani Nude

By at 2:26 PM

Sexy Foot Love Sexy Foot Love

When you need some sexy foot love, you go to a man that knows your feet better than you do...the podiatrist. When Keeani is feeling a little perverted, she books an appointment claiming that she is in pain. But the truth is she is just hurting for a squirting. She has this doc give her a thorough foot exam and then she has him give her a thorough foot fucking. The doctor is in...Keeani's pussy.

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Sexy Foot Love
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» Gia Giancarlo Nude

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So far, all we've seen Gia Giancarlo do is fuck. That's fine by us. Fine by her, too. "I didn't get into this to play with myself,” said the 52-year-old from Boca Raton, Florida. "I got into this to play with cocks.” And we provided them, such as here, in the photo version of a video that has already posted. "I'm looking forward to seeing my pictures and watching my videos. Hopefully, I can watch them with a special man.” Gentlemen, the line is forming around the corner.

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» Ashley Johnson Nude

By at 2:24 PM

Cookies &Nookie Cookies &Nookie

Hey, Ashley. You look sweet. Is it safe to assume that you're a virgin?
"Wow, is it that obvious? Yes, I'm a virgin. Sort of. I've had sex with girls and we used dildos on each other, but I've never had a real cock inside me. One time I gave a guy a blowie and that was fun, too. The truth is, I can't wait to fuck for the first time. If it's half as good as being screwed with a dildo, I'll love it. My pussy is really tight though, I hope I can handle it!"

How did you hold out on sex for so long?
"Like I said, I've fooled around a lot...with girls and boys. And I've had my pussy licked tons of times. Even though I'm still a virgin, I have a big sex drive, and I'm very curious. At night I stroke my cunt thinking about all the things I'd like to do and have done to me."

What kind of things would you like to try?
"I can't wait to ride a guy's dick. My girlfriends say that's the best way to cum from fucking--with his dick dep in my pussy and my clit rubbing on his pubes. I hear good things about doggie-style, too, like that it really makes you scream. I'm kind of shy so I need a good fuck to bring out my inner freak."

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Cookies &Nookie
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Thursday, July 17, 2008

» Tera Cox

By at 5:16 PM

Four Tits On Top Four Tits On Top

In June 2008 Voluptuous, Tera Cox and April McKenzie went all out in their bone-lovin' threeway. From jacking to licking to riding one lucky fucker, Tera and April proved that they could be an unbeatable team in XXX. This could be the pictorial of the year. "April is very good and her hardcore pictorial with Tera Cox had my balls boiling over," says A.L. "The layout with April McKenzie and Tera Cox was great. Talk about a dream come true, fucking those two hotties at once would be the ultimate experience. I've never had the pleasure of a threesome, but I can imagine it by looking at that pictorial," declared L.K. "Hardcore is far and away my absolute favorite but I must say you took it to a new level when you had photos of April McKenzie and Tera Cox together in a threesome. Before I go any further, congratulations to April for her Newcomer of the Year award. In a year that was filled with hot, talented newcomers, her win has to be even more special. Having the two of them sucking cock and fucking together was pure brilliance. If I had those two in bed together, I'd go absolutely crazy trying to decide which one's pussy to eat and which one to fuck first. I guess I'd just lay back and let them fight over who gets to suck my dick. Now that April is an award-winning model, I feel sure that she'll be a prime contender for Model of the Year the next time around, and Tera will again be some of her strongest competition. It will be fun to see," says A.F.

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Four Tits On Top
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» Crissy

By at 5:15 PM

Kitchen Goddess Kitchen Goddess

"My roommates were out one Sunday when my boyfriend came over for lunch," said Crissy. "I could tell he was horny, but I figured that I'd take care of it after we'd eaten. But he came into the kitchen with my camera and said he wanted photos of me in action. All I did was flash my bra for him and it was all on! He was getting more and more excited as I posed, so I took a pee break and came back with my toy. That was too much for him. He stripped naked and started stroking his cock as I posed. Then he did me while I sat on the counter, just like we learned to do from looking at his NN mags together."

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Kitchen Goddess
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» Tiffany Summers

By at 5:14 PM

Dontcha Wanna Fuck Me? Dontcha Wanna Fuck Me?

Welcome back, Tifany. You've got a great tan. Do you lay out topless?
"Yup. I don't like too many tan lines and I like my tits to have a solid, carmel color. Plus, I love attention, and when I tan topless at the beach, I get plenty of it! It turns me on to see the guys drooling. I know the other girls are jealous that their boyfriends are staring at my tits and not paying any attention to them. Oh well, if they knew how to take care of their men, like I do, they wouldn't have that problem. Don't hate, bitches!"

In October '07, you said you were a tease. Not much has changed!
"I still love to watch guys squirm. When I see little drops of pre-cum oozing out of their dicks I know I'm doing a good job. But even though I'm a tease, I always deliver. After the guy is all worked up, I'll relieve some of his stress by blowing his cock till it explodes."

What about chicks? In the movie MILF Bait, you were all about Lake Russell's old coochie.
"My pussy doesn't discriminate. If you can make me cum, I like you, whether you're a boy or a girl, yound or old. But I have to say, MILFs know how to work it. Lake isn't the only lady I've been with. I totally fucked my girlfriend's mom once. It was so scandalous, but I wasn't about to give up the best pussy-licking action ever, just 'cause my friend wouldn't approve of it."

Please tell us more, Tiffany.
"That old ho made me cum so good. She has a golden tongue. The way she flicked it across my pussy and stuck it in my hole...Mmm."

See More of Tiffany Summers at 18EIGHTEEN.COM!

Dontcha Wanna Fuck Me?
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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

» Lilith Fair

By at 7:08 PM

Lilith Fair Lilith Fair

One of our first discoveries in 2001, Lilith must have been spoiled by us because she's never posed for any other studio since that time. "The people at The SCORE Group are the best,” Lilith said. "No one's better. A girl always knows where she stands with SCORE. They've always gone out of their way to make me feel safe and comfortable. I've modeled with some sexy girls...Autumn and Annie Swanson and I've had a lot of good sex with guys. I once modeled for another photographer and I hated it! I won't mention any names. He made me jump into a swimming pool over and over again. I kept hitting my feet on the bottom and it hurt. He was a bully. I was so upset. That was the first and only time I ever posed for someone else. As far as I'm concerned, it's you guys or no one!”

See More of Lilith at SCORELAND.COM!

Lilith Fair
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» Nikki

By at 5:48 PM

Nikki Nikki

"All the guys I've slept with have loved my wild orgasms," said Nikki. "They go like this: My first orgasm--while you're licking my clit--will be small and guiet. Once we start screwing--I really love screwing doggie-style--the orgasm--usually two or three of them--will be stronger, my pussy will get real wet and my pussy muscles will just about squeeze your dick off. I'll thrash around, talk dirty, scream and moan, lose control and sweat like crazy. Would you enjoy causing that?"

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» Kara Tai

By at 5:48 PM

Coitus With My Calves Coitus With My Calves

These two warehouse employees have been eyeing each other for months now. Adam can't control his erections whenever he sees Kara's tight calves tucked into her white tube socks and work boots. Kara isn't so innocent, either. She's seen the bulge in Adam's pants and all she wants to do is squeeze his cock between her legs bofore fucking him senseless. Without anyone else working the night shift, these horny coworkers get a chance to indulge their fantasies.

See More of Kara Tai at LEGSEX.COM!

Coitus With My Calves
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» Millian Blu

By at 5:48 PM

Millian Blu Millian Blu

Hi, Millian. Welcome to BootyLicious. Tell us about yourself! "Sure! I'm five-feet-four, 125 pounds. My measurements are 36B-25-39. I was born in Ne-vada, moved to Detroit when I was seven, and I now live in the Bronx, New York. My parents are Dominican, so I guess that makes me Dominican, too. I'm 20 years old, and I started modeling about a year ago. At first it was magazines and music videos, but now I'm giving everything I've got to being the best porn star in the world. That's why being on the cover of BootyLicious magazine is so exciting to me. Now everyone's gonna get to see every inch of what I've got to give!”

See More of Millian Blu at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!

Millian Blu
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» Anna Carlene

By at 5:58 AM

Bouncy and Juicy Anna Carlene Bouncy and Juicy Anna Carlene

Anna Carlene is a cheery, happy girl who met us in Prague. This photo set appears in print in June '08 V-Mag. Anna measures a curvy and fleshy 40-30-38. She's 5'4" tall, weighs 148 pounds and wears a 34E-cup. Anna is Italian and found our model website ( when she was looking for opportunites in sexy modeling. In a mundane, drab world, a girl of Anna's old-world background and strong family upbringing would never show her tits, pussy and ass to any man except her husband and only then on her wedding night. It was a bolt of extraordinary luck that Anna wasn't "built" that way so we can all enjoy her lack of modesty and bashfulness. Anna says that she can't go anywhere without her tits and her behind attracting a lot of attention and in Europe that means an ass pinched so black and blue, it hurts to sit down! She doesn't do hardcore boy-girl but sexually Anna looks like a jungle cat in the sack. Our instincts are never wrong.

See More of Anna Carlene at XLGIRLS.COM!

Bouncy and Juicy Anna Carlene
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» Kara Tai

By at 5:58 AM

Kara Tai Kara Tai

"I'm screwing one of my clients," said Kara. "There's no rules in my profession about not doing that, especially when he's a 40something divorced guy who's real sexy, super cool, has a tongue like a lizard and owns this great condo that looks out over the lake. He's my first older lover, and he's gotten me off in more ways than any other guy has before. We're not going to get serious, we're just fuck-buddies. But we'll have these souvenirs of the good times, and we want to share them with NN."

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Kara Tai
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» Haileey James

By at 5:57 AM

Tight Little Box Tight Little Box

"I've only had sex like, two other times, so my pussy is still getting used to the feeling of a cock inside of it. It takes a little while for my slit to stretch enough to let all of the dick in, but I like that little bit of pain. Once the guy has put his cock in and out a few times I'm usually all wet and ready to be drilled...but not too hard. I'm still too tight to be fucked really hard, but I still love having sex. I can't wait till I'm experienced enough to do it really rough!"

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Tight Little Box
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Monday, July 14, 2008

» Morgan Leigh Daphne Rosen

By at 10:29 PM

Morgan &Daphne Get Wet Morgan &Daphne Get Wet

Daphne and Morgan have chosen very different modeling paths, but the one thing the American porn star and the English glam-girl share is a love of huge tits. That love and that passion has led them to go big, big, big. They worship their own tits and the tits of other girls. When Daphne and Morgan did the deed, Daphne was happily surprised to find out that Morgan sucked on her nipples as devotedly as any guy would. During the ride to the location of this sexy girl-girl, they chick-chatted for the SCORE camera. "When you're fucking, have you ever had them clapping together?” Daphne asks Morgan as Daphne cups her giant hooters. "Mine will start jiggling around" Morgan laughs in agreement. "If you get really sweaty or you've got lube on them or cum or whatever and they really start squelching around, it's so funny! There are some funny things you can do with big tits, can't you?"

See More of Morgan Leigh at SCORELAND.COM!

Morgan &Daphne Get Wet
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» Anna Carlene

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Boobs, Booty and Bling-Bling Boobs, Booty and Bling-Bling

"Every man says he loves my big breasts," Anna says. "But I think my ass is nice, too, yes? When I am visiting Italy, I get back to my family's house after a walk and my ass is black and blue from all the pinches men give me in the street. When I turn around to yell at them, they smile and try to get my phone number or ask me to have a drink!" Anna's perfect, rounded bubble butt gets a big percentage of the focus in this pictorial. Anna's built like a brick house. She stuffed her body into a very low-cut titty top, the tightest boy-shorts she could squeeze into and fuck shoes. A guy could jack just to her clothing photos. We wished she lived in America!

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Boobs, Booty and Bling-Bling
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» Catia

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Sporty Hottie Sporty Hottie

"My boyfriend and I often play table tennis at his place as a change from having sex or watching TV," said Catia. "When he talked to me about posing for NN, I thought about it for a few days, then suggested that we play strip table tennis. I said he could take photos, and I'd mail them to NN if he beat me. Well, I was the first one to get naked and he had fun taking photos. The next game decided if I'd use my toy, and the final game was to decide if I'd mail the photos. He keeps on at me but I won't tell him if he beat me fair and square or if I let him win because I really wanted to be in the mag. What do you think, guys?"

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Sporty Hottie
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» Taylor

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Taylor Taylor

"We were all set to pose out in front of my boyfriend's place because we thought his neighbors were not home," said Taylor. "I'd posed for a few shots when I noticed the old guy watching me from behind the curtains. His wife had taken their car out; that's something she never does. I stopped 'cause I didn't want him to see my pussy and have a heart attack," she said. "I was ready to give up on the whole posing thing for the day, but after some cuddling and sweet-talking from my boyfriend, I agreed to do it inside. It didn't take me long to get in the mood again and start feeling sexy, especially after my boyfriend started talkin' trash to me and telling me how much he wanted to do all sorts of wicked things to my body. But he went quiet after he asked me what kinky sex thing I'd like to do and I told him I wanted a threesome with him and his best friend. I had to stop posing and give him a blow job to get him off and change his mood."

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Friday, July 11, 2008

» Terry Nova

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Fuck Her To Know Her Fuck Her To Know Her

There's always a buzz of excitement and high energy in the air when the awesomely bodacious Terry Nova hooks up with SCORE. She's got a constant vibe of sex energy about her...Terry oozes sex. This time, Terry's back in Prague for a dirty couch ride with a local cocksman. The girl is a paradox. She's quiet and shy in person but when the camera lights switch on and the dude unzips, Terry takes his cock between her lips like she's been waiting for action for months. So that's Terry's on-button...that's what winds Terry up and transforms her from a reserved, practically timid girl into a tigress...a stiff tool. Push her button by showing her your boner. She'll be on you like white on rice before you know it.

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Fuck Her To Know Her
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» Sara Siren

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Sara Siren Sara Siren

"My boyfriend and I live in dorms, so we don't get too much alone time for sex and stuff," said Sara. "The dorms aren't co-ed and visitors of the opposite sex are not allowed to stay overnight. But we manage to find time to have sex, even if it's usually quickies and not long, slow sex sessions like I fantasize about when I'm jilling. If I ride on top, I can almost always get off once and keep my guy under control so I can cum again with him. That's always awesome!"

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Sara Siren
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» Jamy Nova

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On The Job On The Job

"I love to seduce younger men. There is something about the thrill of the chase and knowing that even though I'm in my 40s I can get someone half my age. Most of these younger men have never had a real woman, one who knows how to really pleasure their cock with oral. That's my specialty. Once I suck a guy's dick, I have him eating out of my palm. And sex is amazing because after so many years of fucking, I've mastered the art of multiple orgasms. Each time I fuck I have at least 3. My young studs know that some things do get better with age."

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On The Job
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Thursday, July 10, 2008

» Rachel Rivers

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Rachel Rivers XXX Rachel Rivers XXX

This is not the usual XXXtra Naughty type of layout, but Rachel, 44, is not your usual kind of gal. See, Rachel is a naughty girl in the best NN sense of the word. Why? Well, for a start, she didn't have a boyfriend when she contacted us about fucking for the mag, and she asked if we could come up with a guy. Done! Then she told us that the guy better be a great buttfucker because that's what she likes best. Okay! Jarrod, who's been in several SCORE Group DVDs, was more than happy to do the deed. "There's a time and a place for quickies, and that kind of orgasm is great, but I prefer drawn-out fuck sessions beginning with oral sex and leading on to pussy and then butt sex," said Rachel. "A session like that will give me four, five or more orgasms. Lucky, aren't I? Mind you, we're talking perhaps a couple of hours, so the guy, if he's in decent shape, should be able to manage two or three orgasms of his own. I fantasize about having two or three guys at once and getting myself fucked and climaxed to total exhaustion." Like a lot of females, Rachel eased into anal sex. "It all started with slipping a wet finger into my butt while I was masturbating. That felt pretty good. One finger led to two and so on. Then came encouraging the guy I was dating at the time to use his fingers. Great!"

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Rachel Rivers XXX
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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

» Yurizan

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Yurizan Yurizan

Yurizan is a true head-swiveler. She's gorgeous, has a perfect, 21 year-old body and her big tits are perfectly proportioned and shaped for her body. Her photographer Nickey Milo felt that Yurizan would be a fantastic SCORE Girl and he was right. Her website is "What do I enjoy about modeling? I love to show off my body. I guess you can tell!" Yurizan says. "I love Fredericks of Hollywood bras. "I get my bras fitted. All girls should get their bras fitted because most of them will buy the wrong kind, especially if they're athletic. I didn't play any sports in school. Some of my classmates thought I should have been a cheerleader. Right! They wanted to see me jump up and down. My male teachers didn't treat me any differently because I was busty. Other girls have told me they got more special attention but I didn't. Jealous girls would ask me, 'Can I touch them?' Everyone loves to talk about big breasts whether they love them or hate them!"

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